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Liner replacement

Depending on pH control and general care, your liner has a life span of around 10-15 years. At the end of this life, not only does the colour fade and stains appear, it becomes very brittle. This can lead to a catastrophic failure and water loss when you least expect it. We can replace your tired old liner and have the pool re-filling, usually within one to two days of emptying. There are many different colours and patterns to choose from, some examples are shown below.
Our liners are made to ISO 9001 standards by a leading liner manufacturer.  All pool liners are made to order and usually take approximately 10 working days from ordering to dispatch. We will then arrange a convenient date with you to install it.  
Carrying out a liner change is not a job for the faint hearted and there is more to it than you may expect, as you may have to overcome many problems from a damaged liner lock, cracks in the pool, damaged floor screeds, faulty fittings and dealing with a high water table. Once the new liner has been fitted it will be too late to rectify any problems and the pool may leak, so let us get it right for you the first time. Whilst changing your liner we fully inspect the interior condition of the pool walls and floor screed, all pool fittings, face plates, gaskets and liner lock. We then report any defects found and carry out any necessary repairs at your request giving you a totally professional service.
With well over a 1000 liner changes to our credit and 36 years swimming pool experience you can expect the best possible service. All pool liners carry a five year pro-rata guarantee. We have seen many poorly fitted liners over the years, and are often called in to rectify faults when the fitter will not return. So please do it right first time, call us today.
Standard pool liners are 0.75mm or 30 thou thick with a 5 year pro-rata guarantee.
Extreme pool liners are 1.5mm thick and carry a 10 year pro-rata warranty.
New liner colours and patterns available every year:
For competitive and up to date price on a liner change please contact us today.
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