Bucks Pools and Spas -

This quotation is based on prices ruling at the date of quotation. All prices are nett unless otherwise stated and are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.
1. 20% deposit on placing        1. 40% deposit on placing
     order.                                        order.
2. 35% on commencement       2.  60% on completion.
    of digging the pool.                                         
3. 35% when liner fitted and
    pool filling.
4. 10% on completion.
The contractor reserves the right to withdraw from site if the contract payment schedule is not adhered to. Any overdue payments will be subject to a monthly interest rate of 4%. Any variation on this quotation must be in writing and signed by both parties with payment due in full at completion of contract to which this variation applies. Title and ownership of the pool fixings and/or equipment will not pass until final payment has been made, any equipment being recoverable by the contractor in the event of non-payment.
The customer agrees to allow access to site for this purpose.
All prices are subject to V.A.T. at rate in force at date of supply.
The customer warrants that he owns the land or premises in which the pool is to be constructed.  The customer also agrees to obtain planning permission, building bye laws consent and relaxation of any covenants on the property where required. While the contractor shall make every effort to carry out the work in a neat and efficient manner, this agreement does not cover reinstatement of lawns, trees, shrubs, driveways, paths and paving etc. damaged during installation and access to site.
The quotation price has been calculated on a surface inspection of the site on the assumption that the digging will be normal.  Any unforeseen difficulties such as rock, running sand, ground water seepage, underground obstructions, underground services requiring re-routing or unstable conditions for pool construction will be dealt with at extra cost to the customer at current machine, materials and labour costs. In extreme cases it may be necessary to alter the location, specification or elevation. 
In the event of completion being delayed by the customer, or to await completion of other works by the customer, or other contractors appointed by the customer, or to avoid working in winter conditions, full payment for the work completed and any materials or equipment on site shall be due for payment. Any damage to the pool, fittings, or equipment by other contractors appointed by the customer shall be charged at current material and labour costs.  The customer will provide electricity and water required for this contract.

All normal risks and insurance shall be the contractor’s responsibility until the installation is handed over to the customer.  After handing over, the customer shall be responsible for the insurance, care, maintenance, and cleanliness of the pool and equipment.  The contractor shall not be liable for damages on the account of delays or losses due to fire, theft, strikes, lockouts, exceptionally inclement weather, shipping delays or other causes beyond the contractor’s control.  After handing over the contractor cannot be held responsible for Acts of God, which affect the installation.
Quotations for remedial pool works, repairing or fitting new pool liners or carrying out repairs are calculated on a surface inspection only and any extra works found necessary, which were unknown or hidden before work commenced, shall be charged at extra cost after prior consultation with the customer. All such variations to be in writing and signed by both parties.  When emptying pools while exercising every precaution, external pressures can cause damage to the pool construction, and unforeseen delays can cause liner shrinkage. All such risks are the customer’s responsibility. When fitting a new pool liner a wrinkle free fit cannot be guaranteed, although every effort will be made to do so.
The liner pool structure is guaranteed for a period of ten years. The liner has a five year pro-rata guarantee. All remaining pool equipment carries the manufacturer’s guarantees, usually one year. The contractor undertakes to replace or repair, free of charge any defect arising from faulty design, workmanship, or materials within the stipulated periods. The guarantees exclude consequential losses of any kind whatsoever.
All disputes arising from this contract shall be submitted to a mutually agreed Arbitrator.  If the choice of Arbitrator is not agreed within 28 days, then either the President of SPATA or the President of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators shall appoint a qualified Arbitrator whose decision shall be final.

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